Ford Taurus Wiper Blade Sizes (1986-2019)

Most Ford Taurus drivers can recall a time when they were driving on a rainy night when their windshield was not being cleared as expected. Oncoming headlights just seem to brighten, magnify and reflect as they hit your windshield. It can create stressful and unsafe driving conditions when your wipers are just not doing their job.

Windshield wipers develop microcracks and the once new rubber or synthetic wiper surface begins to roughen. This results in reduced wiper-to-glass contact on each wiper cycle.

You can be proactive and avoid dangerous night time driving conditions by replacing your wipers at the first sign of wear. We made it easy to identify the correct size wipers for your Taurus with the chart below.

wiper blade

Ford Taurus Wiper Blade Size Chart

2019Sedan26"20"n/aBosch ICON
2018Sedan26"20"n/aBosch ICON
2017Sedan26"20"n/aBosch ICON
2016Sedan26"20"n/aBosch ICON
2015Sedan26"20"n/aBosch ICON
2014Sedan26"20"n/aBosch ICON
2013Sedan26"20"n/aBosch ICON
2012Sedan26"20"n/aBosch ICON
2011Sedan26"20"n/aBosch ICON
2010Sedan26"20"n/aBosch ICON
2009Sedan24"20"n/aBosch ICON
2008Sedan24"20"n/aBosch ICON
2007Sedan24"20"n/aBosch ICON
2006Sedan24"20"n/aBosch ICON
2005Sedan24"20"n/aBosch ICON
2005Wagon24"20"16"Bosch ICON
2004Sedan24"20"n/aBosch ICON
2004Wagon24"20"16"Bosch ICON
2003Sedan24"20"n/aBosch ICON
2003Wagon24"20"18"Bosch ICON
2002Sedan24"20"n/aBosch ICON
2002Wagon24"20"18"Bosch ICON
2001Sedan24"20"n/aBosch ICON
2001Wagon24"20"18"Bosch ICON
2000Sedan24"20"n/aBosch ICON
2000Wagon24"20"18"Bosch ICON
1999Sedan24"20"n/aBosch ICON
1999Wagon24"20"18"Bosch ICON
1998Sedan24"20"n/aBosch ICON
1998Wagon24"20"18"Bosch ICON
1997Sedan24"20"n/aBosch ICON
1997Wagon24"20"18"Bosch ICON
1996Sedan24"20"n/aBosch ICON
1996Wagon24"20"18"Bosch ICON
1995Sedan20"20"n/aBosch ICON
1995Wagon20"20"15"Bosch ICON
1994Sedan20"20"n/aBosch ICON
1994Wagon20"20"15"Bosch ICON
1993Sedan20"20"n/aBosch ICON
1993Wagon20"20"15"Bosch ICON
1992Sedan20"20"n/aBosch ICON
1992Wagon20"20"15"Bosch ICON
1991Sedan20"20"n/aBosch ICON
1991Wagon20"20"15"Bosch ICON
1990Sedan20"20"n/aBosch ICON
1990Wagon20"20"15"Bosch ICON
1989Sedan20"20"n/aBosch ICON
1989Wagon20"20"15"Bosch ICON
1988Sedan19"19"n/aBosch ICON
1988Wagon19"19"15"Bosch ICON
1987Sedan19"19"n/aBosch ICON
1987Wagon19"19"15"Bosch ICON
1986Sedan19"19"n/aBosch ICON
1986Wagon19"19"15"Bosch ICON

About the Ford Taurus

The Ford Taurus is a very popular full-size sedan that Ford produced for the 1986 to 2019 model years. It went through six generations of change as Ford kept up with technology, safety and updated styling.

One of the biggest changes to the body style came in 2000. The previous version had a rounded look, which did not appeal to everyone. In 2000, Ford achieved a crisper look as it gave the body more definition with defined edges and sharper corners.

The Taurus is popular with families who are looking for a comfortable sedan to travel in with plenty of trunk space. From a business perspective the Ford Taurus was a common commercial fleet vehicle. It offered size and dependable travel at a reasonable price and cost of ownership.

There are front wheel and all-wheel drive models on the roads. Buyers can find turbo-charged engines and an assortment of V6 engines in the used market.

Other full-size sedans include the Honda Accord, Chevy Impala, Toyota Avalon, Nissan Maxima, and the Buick Lacrosse.

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