Ford Taurus Wiper Blade Sizes

Ford Taurus wiper blade size

Most Ford Taurus drivers can recall a time when they were driving on a rainy night when their windshield was not being cleared as expected. Oncoming headlights just seem to … Read more

Toyota Avalon Wiper Blade Sizes

Toyota Avalon wiper blade sizes

Toyota Avalons are packed with modern safety features. One of this car’s most important safety features, though, is also one of its most basic: the windshield wipers. No matter where … Read more

Dodge Charger Wiper Blade Sizes

Dodge Charger wiper blade sizes

When thinking through the safety features on your Dodge Charger, you probably think about the headlights, airbags, and seat belts. What you may not realize, though, is that one of … Read more

Dodge Challenger Wiper Blade Sizes

Dodge Challenger wiper sizes

There are several factors beyond normal use that contribute to windshield wipers wearing out over time. The elements, including the sun’s UV rays, degrade the rubber or synthetic material on … Read more