Kia Rio Wiper Blade Sizes (2001-2023)

You count on your Kia Rio’s windshield wipers to clear rain, sleet, snow and ice from your windshield. Like most other vehicle parts that get regular use, the thin wiper surface that makes contact with your windshield will wear out over time.

Signs of your wipers wearing out include smears or a filmy look to parts of your windshield. If your wipers tend to skip as you put them in motion, there may be rough edges that impede your wiper from the smooth contact they require. As you notice these signs, you’ll want to consider replacing your wiper blades.

There are many wiper blade sizes out there. If you want the correct sizes for your Rio in an easy to install blade, check out the chart below.

wiper blade

Kia Rio Wiper Blade Size Chart

2023Hatchback26"16"11"Bosch ICON
2023Sedan26"16"n/aBosch ICON
2022Hatchback26"16"11"Bosch ICON
2022Sedan26"16"n/aBosch ICON
2021Hatchback26"16"11"Bosch ICON
2021Sedan26"16"n/aBosch ICON
2020Hatchback26"16"11"Bosch ICON
2020Sedan26"16"n/aBosch ICON
2019Hatchback26"16"11"Bosch ICON
2019Sedan26"16"n/aBosch ICON
2018Hatchback26"16"11"Bosch ICON
2018Sedan26"16"n/aBosch ICON
2017Hatchback26"16"11"Bosch ICON
2017Sedan26"16"n/aBosch ICON
2016Hatchback26"16"11"Bosch ICON
2016Sedan26"16"n/aBosch ICON
2015Hatchback26"16"11"Bosch ICON
2015Sedan26"16"n/aBosch ICON
2014Hatchback26"16"11"Bosch ICON
2014Sedan26"16"n/aBosch ICON
2013Hatchback26"16"11"Bosch ICON
2013Sedan26"16"n/aBosch ICON
2012Hatchback26"16"11"Bosch ICON
2012Sedan26"16"n/aBosch ICON
2011Sedan22"16"n/aBosch ICON
2010Sedan22"16"n/aBosch ICON
2009Sedan22"16"n/aBosch ICON
2008Sedan22"16"n/aBosch ICON
2007Sedan22"16"n/aBosch ICON
2006Sedan22"16"n/aBosch ICON
2005Sedan21"18"n/aBosch ICON
2005Wagon21"18"14"Bosch ICON
2004Sedan21"18"n/aBosch ICON
2004Wagon21"18"14"Bosch ICON
2003Sedan21"18"n/aBosch ICON
2003Wagon21"18"14"Bosch ICON
2002Sedan21"18"n/aBosch ICON
2002Wagon21"18"14"Bosch ICON
2001Sedan21"18"n/aBosch ICON

About the Kia Rio

The Kia Rio has been on the market in North America for over 20 years. Initially, the five-door hatchback model was called the Rio Cinco. It essentially had the same engine and hardware as the standard four-door sedan, just with a hatchback.

Over the model years, Kia has made updates to the interior, added a bigger engine and upgraded the suspension and brakes among other areas. The new Kia Rios have taken on a sporty body style.

Buyers who choose the Kia Rio are often looking for an economical vehicle that operates efficiently. The Rio boasts a low cost of ownership. In 2021, the Kia Rio won the Vincentric Best Value in America Award among subcompact hatchbacks. This vehicle is great for running around town and to and from work.

Other cars in the same class include the Ford Fiesta, Nissan Versa, Hyundai Accent, Scion xA, and Toyota Corolla.

Kia keeps it simple with just a few trim levels offered each model year. They have typically been available in bright vibrant colors.

Kia impressively equips the Rio with safety technology. Some of the safety features include lane keeping assist, forward collision avoidance and driver attention warning. Some models have high-beam assist so drivers can stay focused on the road as other vehicles approach and pass.

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