Kia Rio Wiper Blade Sizes

Kia Rio wiper blade sizes

You count on your Kia Rio’s windshield wipers to clear rain, sleet, snow and ice from your windshield. Like most other vehicle parts that get regular use, the thin wiper … Read more

MINI Cooper Wiper Blade Sizes

Mini Cooper wiper blade sizes

Since water is clear, it seems like you should be able to see through rainwater as it’s flowing down the windshield on your MINI Cooper. However, that’s just not the … Read more

Ford Fiesta Wiper Blade Sizes

Ford Fiesta wiper blade sizes

When selecting replacement wiper blades, following the manufacturer’s recommendation and selecting quality blades is critical. The correct wiper blades will match the size, shape, and form of a specific vehicle … Read more

Fiat 500 Wiper Blade Sizes

Fiat 500 wiper blade sizes

Changing windshield wiper blades is often a forgotten part of regular car maintenance. That is, until the weather hits. Even during summers, the blades age due to the sun and … Read more

Toyota Yaris Wiper Blade Sizes

Toyota Yaris wiper blade sizes

For the most part, it’s easy to ignore bad wiper blades. That is, at least, until any type of precipitation falls from the sky while you’re driving. Then, you’ll quickly … Read more

Hyundai Accent Wiper Blade Sizes

Hyundai Accent wiper sizes

Getting caught in a storm while you’re driving your Hyundai Accent can be inconvenient. However, if you have old wiper blades on your vehicle, this minor inconvenience could escalate to … Read more

Honda Fit Wiper Blade Sizes

Honda Fit

One of the most important safety features for your Honda Fit is your wiper blades. If they’re not in good shape, rain, snow, ice, bugs, and other debris can impair … Read more