Honda CR-V Wiper Blade Sizes (1997-2024)

As a Honda CR-V owner, you know the frustration of worn out wipers smearing and streaking across your field of vision. Finding the right replacement blades can be a headache if you don’t know your vehicle’s specs.

We’ve created the chart below to guide you through the confusion, providing exact wiper blade measurements for your model year of CR-V. We’ll also let you know the preferred brand of wiper blades according to CR-V owners.

wiper blade

Honda CR-V Wiper Blade Size Chart

2024SUV24"19"10"Bosch ICON
2023SUV24"19"10"Bosch ICON
2022SUV26"17"12"Bosch ICON
2021SUV26"17"12"Bosch ICON
2020SUV26"17"12"Bosch ICON
2019SUV26"17"12"Bosch ICON
2018SUV26"17"12"Bosch ICON
2017SUV26"17"12"Bosch ICON
2016SUV26"16"13"Bosch ICON
2015SUV26"16"13"Bosch ICON
2014SUV26"16"13"Bosch ICON
2013SUV26"16"13"Bosch ICON
2012SUV26"16"13"Bosch ICON
2011SUV26"17"14"Bosch ICON
2010SUV26"17"14"Bosch ICON
2009SUV26"17"14"Bosch ICON
2008SUV26"17"14"Bosch ICON
2007SUV26"17"14"Bosch ICON
2006SUV21"20"10"Bosch ICON
2005SUV21"20"10"Bosch ICON
2004SUV21"20"10"Bosch ICON
2003SUV21"20"10"Bosch ICON
2002SUV21"20"10"Bosch ICON
2001SUV20"19"12"Bosch ICON
2000SUV20"19"12"Bosch ICON
1999SUV20"19"12"Bosch ICON
1998SUV20"19"12"Bosch ICON
1997SUV20"19"12"Bosch ICON

About the Honda CR-V

The Honda CR-V, introduced by the Japanese automaker in 1995 (and first sold as a 1997 model), is a compact crossover SUV that has grown to be one of the best-selling vehicles in its class. Originally built on the Honda Civic platform, the CR-V was Honda’s first in-house designed SUV and was initially only available in Japan before being released to global markets.

The CR-V stood for “Comfortable Runabout Vehicle,” which highlighted its intention to provide a comfortable and spacious interior within a compact, easy-to-maneuver package.

Over the years, the CR-V has seen multiple generations, each improving on design, technology, and performance. The first generation established the model’s reputation for reliability and efficiency, while the second generation, introduced in 2001, brought more power and a more refined all-wheel-drive system.

Subsequent generations continued to build on this foundation with more advanced safety features, improved performance, and modern comforts that kept the CR-V competitive in a rapidly evolving market.

Throughout its history, the CR-V has faced stiff competition from other compact SUVs. Notable rivals include the Toyota RAV4, which shares a similar blend of utility and reliability. The Ford Escape has also been a strong contender, offering a range of powertrain options and technological amenities. Other recent competitors include the Nissan Rogue, Subaru Forester, and Mazda CX-5.

As of its latest generation, the Honda CR-V continues to be a popular choice for consumers, balancing practicality with the driving dynamics and premium feel that buyers in the segment have come to expect.

Its evolution reflects the broader trends in the automotive industry towards vehicles that offer the versatility and higher driving position of an SUV, without sacrificing the comfort and efficiency of a smaller car.

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