Acura MDX Wiper Blade Sizes (2001-2023)

Worn-out wiper blades on your Acura MDX can pose a serious safety hazard. If the grating squeaky noise isn’t enough to distract you, then the streaks on your windshield that block your view will probably do the trick. Don’t get caught unprepared when inclement weather strikes. Prepare for this weather by replacing your wiper blades.

Leaving old wiper blades on your car can have long-lasting negative effects. The worn-out rubber can scratch your windshield, making it difficult to see through your windshield on sunny days. With the easy-to-use chart on this page, you’ll be able to find quality exact-fit replacement wiper blades for your MDX in no time.

wiper blade

Acura MDX Wiper Blade Size Chart

2023SUV26"20"14"Bosch ICON
2022SUV26"20"14"Bosch ICON
2020SUV26"20"14"Bosch ICON
2019SUV26"20"14"Bosch ICON
2018SUV26"20"14"Bosch ICON
2017SUV26"20"14"Bosch ICON
2016SUV26"20"14"Bosch ICON
2015SUV26"20"14"Bosch ICON
2014SUV26"20"14"Bosch ICON
2013SUV26"21"12"Bosch ICON
2012SUV26"21"12"Bosch ICON
2011SUV26"21"12"Bosch ICON
2010SUV26"21"12"Bosch ICON
2009SUV26"21"12"Bosch ICON
2008SUV26"21"12"Bosch ICON
2007SUV26"21"12"Bosch ICON
2006SUV24"21"12"Bosch ICON
2005SUV24"21"12"Bosch ICON
2004SUV24"21"12"Bosch ICON
2003SUV24"21"12"Bosch ICON
2002SUV24"21"12"Bosch ICON
2001SUV24"21"12"Bosch ICON

About the Acura MDX

Slated alongside the Lexus RX 350, Audi Q7, Cadillac CTS, and BMW X5, the Acura MDX stands out from the crowd thanks to its ample legroom and exceptionally reliable engine. Since it was first released in 2001, Acura has continued to refine the MDX over four generations.

A testament to this continued refinement is the MDX’s current ten-speed transmission, up from six- and nine-speed options on the previous generation. This allows for smoother shifting and better fuel economy.

While the Acura MDX is packed with plenty of high-end luxury features, it never takes itself too seriously. That’s one reason why Parents Magazine named the MDX a Best Family Luxury Car, showing that the MDX can withstand the rigors of everyday life. Another reason the MDX is great for families or individuals is its recognition as a Top Safety Pick+ by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.

When it comes to technology, the MDX (like other Acuras) doesn’t cut corners. Featuring an impressive 12.3-inch center display, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto integration, and a premium audio system with 12 speakers, the Acura MDX is designed to be your office when you’re out of the office.

Of course, if you want to take all of that technology on a weekend getaway, you can utilize the MDX’s available all-wheel-drive powertrain to get you there. Backed by the legendary reliability of a Honda-designed engine, the Acura MDX is a capable powerhouse.

For an elevated driving experience that’s still accessible and enjoyable, the Acura MDX makes a great choice.

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