Cadillac CTS Wiper Blade Sizes (2003-2019)

Driving your Cadillac CTS in style loses its luster when blurred windshield vision and constant squeaking has you struggling to navigate the road. You know the wiper blades need replacing but all the different sizes available don’t make things easy.

By referencing the chart below, CTS owners can identify the exact OEM driver’s and passenger’s side blade lengths required for their vehicle’s model year. We’ll also let you know which brand outlasts others by months, making them a favorite of car enthusiasts.

wiper blade

Cadillac CTS Wiper Blade Size Chart

2019Sedan24"18"n/aBosch ICON
2018Sedan24"18"n/aBosch ICON
2017Sedan24"18"n/aBosch ICON
2016Sedan24"18"n/aBosch ICON
2015Coupe22"19"n/aBosch ICON
2015Sedan24"18"n/aBosch ICON
2014Coupe22"19"n/aBosch ICON
2014Sedan24"18"n/aBosch ICON
2014Wagon24"18"11"Bosch ICON
2013Coupe22"19"n/aBosch ICON
2013Sedan22"19"n/aBosch ICON
2013Wagon22"19"11"Bosch ICON
2012Coupe22"19"n/aBosch ICON
2012Sedan22"19"n/aBosch ICON
2012Wagon22"19"11"Bosch ICON
2011Coupe22"19"n/aBosch ICON
2011Sedan22"19"n/aBosch ICON
2011Wagon22"19"11"Bosch ICON
2010Sedan22"19"n/aBosch ICON
2010Wagon22"19"11"Bosch ICON
2009Sedan22"19"n/aBosch ICON
2008Sedan22"19"n/aBosch ICON
2007Sedan22"21"n/aBosch ICON
2006Sedan22"21"n/aBosch ICON
2005Sedan22"21"n/aBosch ICON
2004Sedan22"21"n/aBosch ICON
2003Sedan22"21"n/aBosch ICON

About the Cadillac CTS

The Cadillac CTS, introduced in 2002 as a 2003 model, marked a turning point for Cadillac, as it aimed to rejuvenate the brand and make it competitive in the luxury sport sedan market.

The CTS replaced the Cadillac Catera and was the first model to adopt Cadillac’s new design language, “Art and Science,” which featured sharp lines, distinct creases, and an edgy aesthetic. This design philosophy represented a significant shift from the brand’s previous styling and helped the CTS stand out in its segment.

Over three generations, the CTS evolved in terms of technology, performance, and luxury. The first-generation CTS offered a manual transmission and rear-wheel drive, appealing to driving enthusiasts.

Its second generation, launched in 2008, brought a more refined look, improved interior quality, and the introduction of high-performance V-series variants. The third and final generation, which debuted in 2014, continued to refine the model with even more advanced features, better handling, and a more luxurious interior.

During its production years, the Cadillac CTS competed with several established luxury sedans. The BMW 5 Series was a key rival, known for its driving dynamics and prestige. The Mercedes-Benz C300 was another competitor, offering advanced technology and a reputation for luxury.

Additionally, the Audi A6 provided a balance of performance and high-tech amenities that made it an attractive option for buyers, while the Audi S6 was a natural matchup for the higher performance Cadillac CTS-V.

The CTS was discontinued after the 2019 model year, making way for the Cadillac CT5. Throughout its life, the CTS was critically acclaimed, winning several awards and helping to redefine Cadillac as a brand capable of producing world-class luxury sport sedans. Its legacy continues to influence the design and engineering of current and future Cadillac models.

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