Lexus RX 350 Wiper Blade Sizes (2007-2023)

Finding the correct wiper blades for your Lexus RX 350 can be a challenge. With so many sizes and brands to choose from, it’s easy to become overwhelmed. Thanks to the chart on this page, though, you’ll be able to quickly find great wiper blades that will fit your vehicle.

Once you receive your new wiper blades, installing them will be quick and easy. Most wiper blades simply snap into place, so all you’ll have to do is unsnap the old wiper blades from the blade arms and then snap the new wiper blades into place.

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Lexus RX 350 Wiper Blade Size Chart

2023SUV26"21"16"Bosch ICON
2022SUV26"21"16"Bosch ICON
2021SUV26"21"16"Bosch ICON
2020SUV26"21"16"Bosch ICON
2019SUV26"21"16"Bosch ICON
2018SUV26"21"16"Bosch ICON
2017SUV26"21"16"Bosch ICON
2016SUV26"21"16"Bosch ICON
2015SUV26"22"16"Bosch ICON
2014SUV26"22"16"Bosch ICON
2013SUV26"22"16"Bosch ICON
2012SUV26"22"16"Bosch ICON
2011SUV26"22"16"Bosch ICON
2010SUV26"22"16"Bosch ICON
2009SUV26"22"14"Bosch ICON
2008SUV26"22"14"Bosch ICON
2007SUV26"22"14"Bosch ICON

About the Lexus RX 350

Although crossover SUVs had been around for some time when the Lexus RX 350 was first released in 1998, the RX 350 marked the dawn of the luxury crossover automotive segment. Rather than focusing solely on toughness and off-road capabilities, the RX 350 was designed to provide a luxurious escape that mimicked Lexus’s other models while still providing some off-road capabilities.

Now on its fifth generation, the RX 350 continues to be one of the most popular luxury crossover SUVs. With features like premium leather seats, large infotainment screens, and run-flat tires, there’s a lot to like about the RX 350.

On top of that, the same legendary engines that can be found in other Lexus models can be found in larger sizes in the RX 350. This makes for an exceptionally smooth and quiet ride that anyone can appreciate.

In addition to performance, Lexus also places a serious emphasis on safety. That’s why the RX 350 was able to earn a Top Safety Pick award from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. The RX 350 has also received a J.D. Power Dependability award, providing peace of mind to drivers making an investment in this luxury SUV.

The RX 350 is great for any buyer who demands luxury but still needs performance to help when wandering off the beaten path. With its available all-wheel drive system, the RX 350 can handle rough terrain and poor road conditions with ease.

Once you step into a Lexus RX 350, most other SUVs will seem dull by comparison. Potential buyers may also consider the BMW X5, Audi Q5, Acura RDX, and Genesis GV80.

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