Volkswagen Atlas Wiper Blade Sizes (2018-2024)

Driving your Volkswagen Atlas through a downpour can quickly turn into a white-knuckle ride when your wiper blades are leaving streaks and smears across your windshield. Stop straining to see the road and treat your Atlas to a new set of blades.

Wondering what size you need? Our wiper blade sizing chart below takes the guesswork out of finding the perfect fit for your particular Atlas model year. On top of that, we’ll let you know which wiper brand VW enthusiasts trust to outperform (and outlast) the competition.

wiper blade

Volkswagen Atlas Wiper Blade Size Chart

2024SUV26"22"11"Bosch ICON
2023SUV26"22"11"Bosch ICON
2022SUV26"22"11"Bosch ICON
2021SUV26"22"11"Bosch ICON
2020SUV26"22"11"Bosch ICON
2019SUV26"22"11"Bosch ICON
2018SUV26"22"11"Bosch ICON

About the Volkswagen Atlas

The Volkswagen Atlas is a mid-size crossover SUV that was first introduced by Volkswagen in 2017 (as an ’18 model). It was designed primarily for the North American market and is known for its spacious interior, offering seating for up to seven passengers across three rows.

The Atlas is the largest vehicle built on VW’s MQB platform, which is also used for many other models in the Volkswagen Group lineup.

For the 2024 model year, the Volkswagen Atlas comes with a turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine that produces 269 horsepower and 273 pound-feet of torque. It is paired with an eight-speed automatic transmission. This engine configuration reflects a focus on balancing power with efficiency, suitable for a family SUV.

With a cargo capacity of 96.6 cubic feet with the second and third rows folded down, the Atlas is a practical choice for those who need to haul large items or travel with lots of luggage. The SUV’s size and versatility are key selling points for potential buyers.

In terms of features, the Atlas offers a variety of amenities that enhance comfort and convenience, such as a panoramic sunroof, LED interior lighting, and advanced driver-assistance systems. The focus is on providing a comfortable and safe driving experience for all passengers, which is a hallmark of the family-oriented SUV segment.

The Volkswagen Atlas competes in a crowded segment of mid-size SUVs, offering a strong alternative to other popular models like the Honda Pilot, Toyota Highlander, Subaru Ascent, and Ford Explorer.

These vehicles are also known for their family-friendly features, versatile interiors, and a balance of performance and efficiency, making them direct competitors to the Atlas in the market.