Subaru Impreza Wiper Blade Sizes (1993-2023)

If we had the choice, none of us would choose to drive through a pouring rain on our daily commute or those necessary weekly errands. However, more times than not, the weather is not ideal and our windshield wipers become a necessity to make our commute safe.

Once a set of wiper blades becomes worn or damaged, they are of little value and often fail at clearing a vehicle’s windshield properly. Additionally, when a set of wiper blades become structurally compromised, they can actually cause significant damage to a motorist’s windshield.

This may lead to costly and otherwise unneeded repair that could have been avoided with the proper windshield wiper maintenance.

In many cases, motorists put off the purchase of new wiper blades, due to the idea that it is nearly impossible to find a suitable replacement. This guide has been assembled to eliminate such hardship, by simplifying wiper replacement as a whole.

wiper blade

Subaru Impreza Wiper Blade Size Chart

2023Sedan26"16"n/aBosch ICON
2023Hatchback26"16"12"Bosch ICON
2022Sedan26"16"n/aBosch ICON
2022Hatchback26"16"12"Bosch ICON
2021Sedan26"16"n/aBosch ICON
2021Hatchback26"16"12"Bosch ICON
2020Sedan26"16"n/aBosch ICON
2020Hatchback26"16"12"Bosch ICON
2019Sedan26"16"n/aBosch ICON
2019Hatchback26"16"12"Bosch ICON
2018Sedan26"16"n/aBosch ICON
2018Hatchback26"16"12"Bosch ICON
2017Sedan26"16"n/aBosch ICON
2017Hatchback26"16"12"Bosch ICON
2016Sedan26"16"n/aBosch ICON
2016Hatchback26"16"12"Bosch ICON
2015Sedan26"16"n/aBosch ICON
2015Hatchback26"16"12"Bosch ICON
2014Sedan26"16"n/aBosch ICON
2014Hatchback26"16"16"Bosch ICON
2013Sedan26"16"n/aBosch ICON
2013Hatchback26"16"16"Bosch ICON
2012Sedan26"16"n/aBosch ICON
2012Hatchback26"16"12"Bosch ICON
2011Sedan24"16"n/aBosch ICON
2011Hatchback24"16"16"Bosch ICON
2010Sedan24"16"n/aBosch ICON
2010Hatchback24"16"16"Bosch ICON
2009Sedan24"16"n/aBosch ICON
2009Hatchback24"16"16"Bosch ICON
2008Sedan24"16"n/aBosch ICON
2008Hatchback24"16"14"Bosch ICON
2007Sedan22"17"n/aBosch ICON
2007Wagon22"17"14"Bosch ICON
2006Sedan22"17"n/aBosch ICON
2006Wagon22"17"14"Bosch ICON
2005Sedan22"17"n/aBosch ICON
2005Wagon22"17"14"Bosch ICON
2004Sedan22"17"n/aBosch ICON
2004Wagon22"17"16"Bosch ICON
2003Sedan22"17"n/aBosch ICON
2003Wagon22"17"15"Bosch ICON
2002Sedan22"17"n/aBosch ICON
2002Wagon22"17"15"Bosch ICON
2001Sedan21"18"n/aBosch ICON
2001Wagon21"18"15"Bosch ICON
2001Coupe21"18"n/aBosch ICON
2000Sedan21"18"n/aBosch ICON
2000Wagon21"18"15"Bosch ICON
2000Coupe21"18"n/aBosch ICON
1999Sedan21"18"n/aBosch ICON
1999Wagon21"18"15"Bosch ICON
1999Coupe21"18"n/aBosch ICON
1998Sedan21"18"n/aBosch ICON
1998Wagon21"18"15"Bosch ICON
1998Coupe21"18"n/aBosch ICON
1997Sedan21"18"n/aBosch ICON
1997Wagon21"18"15"Bosch ICON
1997Coupe21"18"n/aBosch ICON
1996Sedan21"18"n/aBosch ICON
1996Wagon21"18"15"Bosch ICON
1996Coupe21"18"n/aBosch ICON
1995Sedan21"18"n/aBosch ICON
1995Wagon21"18"15"Bosch ICON
1995Coupe21"18"n/aBosch ICON
1994Sedan21"18"n/aBosch ICON
1994Wagon21"18"15"Bosch ICON
1993Sedan21"18"n/aBosch ICON
1993Wagon21"18"15"Bosch ICON

History of the Subaru Impreza

The Subaru Impreza was first introduced in 1992, serving as a direct replacement for the manufacturer’s popular Leone, compact sedan. In its initial form, the Impreza was offered with a number of available engines, including 1.5L, 1.6L, 1.8L and 2.0L offerings, all of which were of a boxer configuration. However, it bears noting that the availability of these engines was dependent upon the geographic market.

Though the first-generation Impreza received a minor face-lift in 1997, the model remained largely unmodified as a whole until second generation production began in 2000. Again, the Impreza was offered with an array of boxer engines, each of varying displacement. The second-generation also took on a decidedly sportier look than earlier renditions of the same make.

Today, the Subaru Impreza is currently in its fifth-generation of production. In its latest form, the Impreza features a lower center of gravity and increased structural rigidity. The fifth-generation Subaru Impreza is powered by a revised 2.0L direct-injection boxer four cylinder. This powerplant produces 152 horsepower, and comes paired with a Lineartronic CVT transmission.

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