Hummer H2 Wiper Blade Sizes (2003-2009)

It’s easy to feel invincible in a rough and rugged Hummer H2. The truth is, though, that it’s sometimes the smallest hazards that cause the biggest problems. For example, worn-out wiper blades can easily reduce your visibility and cause you to get into an accident.

The good news is that you can use the easy-to-understand chart on this page to find new, correct size wiper blades for your H2. With these new wiper blades in place, it will be easy to stay safe in almost any weather condition. To be on the safe side, it’s a good idea to replace your wiper blades at least once a year.

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Hummer H2 Wiper Blade Size Chart

2009SUV16"16"10"Bosch ICON
2008SUV16"16"10"Bosch ICON
2007SUV16"16"10"Bosch ICON
2006SUV16"16"10"Bosch ICON
2005SUV16"16"10"Bosch ICON
2004SUV16"16"10"Bosch ICON
2003SUV16"16"10"Bosch ICON

About the Hummer H2

Large and in charge, the Hummer H2 made waves from the day it hit showrooms in 2003. Smaller than its cousin, the original Hummer, the H2 was designed to be an oversized SUV that appealed to people needing plenty of space and plenty of style.

Although the 2008 recession marked the beginning of the end of new Hummer H2s, this vehicle is still fun to own as a pre-owned model.

Due to its short lifespan, the Hummer H2 only technically had one generation, although it did have a refresh in 2008. For its entire production run, the Hummer H2 depended on its Vortec V8 engine to provide up to 393 horsepower. While this engine didn’t provide a very impressive acceleration rate, its exceptional torque allowed for towing up to 8,200 pounds.

Another feature that helped increase the strength of the Hummer H2 is the fact that the H2 was built on two truck platforms put together to make one SUV frame. Unlike many SUVs today that are built on car platforms, the Hummer H2 was truly designed to get work done. The design of the H2 put it in good company, with the Cadillac Escalade, Jeep Commander, Jeep Wrangler, and Lincoln Navigator being its closest competitors.

One thing the Hummer H2 doesn’t do well is sip gas. An estimated fuel economy rating of around 10 miles per gallon means that you’ll be spending lots of time at the pump if you invest in this vehicle.

Nevertheless, the Hummer H2 is fun to drive, spacious, and provides a sure way to attract the attention of other motorists.