GMC Sierra Wiper Blade Sizes (1999-2023)

Whether on a job site or driving around town, it’s vital to ensure that your GMC Sierra has good wiper blades. Taking care of your vehicle’s wiper blades will allow you to clear away any type of precipitation so that you don’t end up with an obstructed view.

With so many different sizes of wiper blades available, it can be difficult to know which ones to purchase. Fortunately, you can use the easy-to-understand chart on this page to make your search for proper-fitting wiper blades for your Sierra easy and fast.

wiper blade

GMC Sierra Wiper Blade Size Chart

Note: The size guide below covers Sierra 1500, 2500, and 3500 varieties (including HD).

2023Pickup22"22"Bosch ICON
2022Pickup22"22"Bosch ICON
2021Pickup22"22"Bosch ICON
2020Pickup22"22"Bosch ICON
2019Pickup22"22"Bosch ICON
2018Pickup22"22"Bosch ICON
2017Pickup22"22"Bosch ICON
2016Pickup22"22"Bosch ICON
2015Pickup22"22"Bosch ICON
2014Pickup22"22"Bosch ICON
2013Pickup22"22"Bosch ICON
2012Pickup22"22"Bosch ICON
2011Pickup22"22"Bosch ICON
2010Pickup22"22"Bosch ICON
2009Pickup22"22"Bosch ICON
2008Pickup22"22"Bosch ICON
2007Pickup22"22"Bosch ICON
2006Pickup22"22"Bosch ICON
2005Pickup22"22"Bosch ICON
2004Pickup22"22"Bosch ICON
2003Pickup22"22"Bosch ICON
2002Pickup22"22"Bosch ICON
2001Pickup22"22"Bosch ICON
2000Pickup22"22"Bosch ICON
1999Pickup22"22"Bosch ICON

About the GMC Sierra

GMC Sierras can trace their roots back to 1960. At that point, the GMC Sierra was called the GMC C/K, sharing this C/K model designation with a Chevrolet-branded truck that was mechanically identical. Once Chevrolet dropped the C/K model designation, GMC eventually followed suit, resulting in the introduction of the GMC Sierra I in 1987.

The fourth-generation Sierra that’s made today is a venerable powerhouse that also offers a wide range of tech features to help drivers and passengers stay productive while they’re in the truck.

While many buyers opt for the Sierra 1500 lineup, more power is available in the 2500 and 3500HD variants. When properly equipped, the GMC Sierra 3500 can pull up to an astonishing 35,500 pounds. This makes the Sierra perfect for heavy-duty construction jobs that require plenty of power and torque.

The GMC Sierra is a durable vehicle that can take a lot of abuse and still operate properly. That’s why the Sierra has won multiple awards for resale value, including being named to Kelley Blue Book’s Best Resale Value list.

One unique feature of current Sierras is the available Transparent Trailer View. This view allows you to see vehicles that are driving behind your trailer so that you can always maintain awareness about your current space cushion. As further proof of GMC’s commitment to safety, the Sierra earned top marks in nearly every category of the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety’s crash tests.

If you’re looking for a full-size pickup that won’t leave you longing for more power, the GMC Sierra is an excellent choice. Competitors include the Chevy Silverado, Ram 1500, Ford F-150, and Toyota Tundra.

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