GMC Canyon Wiper Blade Sizes (2004-2022)

When it rains, sleets or snows, driving your GMC Canyon with streaks or smudges on your windshield can be dangerous. These windshield hazards can impede your ability to see pedestrians, other vehicles and the road.

If your windshield is not being cleared as you expect and depend on, it is probably time to replace your wipers.

When you try to identify the windshield wipers that match your vehicle, it can be daunting. Follow the chart below to get the specific size wiper blades that your Canyon needs.

wiper blade

GMC Canyon Wiper Blade Size Chart

2022Pickup Truck22"18"Bosch ICON
2021Pickup Truck22"18"Bosch ICON
2020Pickup Truck22"18"Bosch ICON
2019Pickup Truck22"18"Bosch ICON
2018Pickup Truck22"18"Bosch ICON
2017Pickup Truck22"18"Bosch ICON
2016Pickup Truck22"18"Bosch ICON
2015Pickup Truck22"18"Bosch ICON
2012Pickup Truck22"19"Bosch ICON
2011Pickup Truck22"19"Bosch ICON
2010Pickup Truck22"19"Bosch ICON
2009Pickup Truck22"19"Bosch ICON
2008Pickup Truck22"19"Bosch ICON
2007Pickup Truck22"19"Bosch ICON
2006Pickup Truck22"19"Bosch ICON
2005Pickup Truck22"19"Bosch ICON
2004Pickup Truck22"19"Bosch ICON

About the GMC Canyon

The GMC Canyon belongs to the unique class of mid-size pickup trucks. These trucks serve a need where owners do not quite need the size and power of a full-size pickup truck. Owners can get the utility, capabilities and functionality of a pickup truck at a lower sticker price and often better gas mileage when compared to full size trucks.

GMC introduced the Canyon for the 2004 model year. GMC continued to make interior, exterior and capability improvements until this first generation of the Canyon ended in 2012. After taking a few years off, GMC brought back the Canyon in 2015, and continues to market it today.

Throughout the model years, the Canyon has been available in many transmissions including four, six and eight-speed automatic transmissions along with manual options. There are multiple engine sizes on the market including diesel engine choices. This allows owners to choose a model that best matches his or her cargo and capability needs. The Canyon can tow most mid-sized trailers, boats and other gear.

The inside of the Canyon is comfortable and convenient for all passengers with features such as heated and ventilated seats, rear USB charging ports, soft touch surfaces and creative storage counsels.

A clear windshield is only one of the key safety necessities of a truck. The GMC Canyon is loaded with additional safety features including rear park assist, forward collision alert, lane departure warning and hill descent control.

Other pickup trucks in the class include the Toyota Tacoma, Chevy Colorado, Ford Ranger, Nissan Frontier, and Honda Ridgeline.

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