Fiat 500 Wiper Blade Sizes (2011-2019)

Changing windshield wiper blades is often a forgotten part of regular car maintenance. That is, until the weather hits. Even during summers, the blades age due to the sun and periodically washing the windshield while driving. Dirt and grime build up in time and activating the wipers, and washer fluid on the dry surface takes a toll.

It’s a good idea to get into a routine of checking your wiper blades and if worn or cracking, replace them before the weather tells you it’s time to replace the blades. The chart below will show you the exact size wiper blades you’ll need for your Fiat 500.

wiper blade

Fiat 500 Wiper Blade Size Chart

2019Hatchback24"13"12"Bosch ICON
2018Hatchback24"13"12"Bosch ICON
2017Hatchback24"13"12"Bosch ICON
2016Hatchback24"13"12"Bosch ICON
2015Hatchback24"13"12"Bosch ICON
2014Hatchback24"13"12"Bosch ICON
2013Hatchback24"13"12"Bosch ICON
2012Hatchback24"13"12"Bosch ICON
2011Hatchback24"13"12"Bosch ICON

About the Fiat 500

The Fiat 500 has a long and storied history. From 1957 the 500 was produced and distributed until 1975. Since 2011, the original Fiat 500 has been making a comeback including a performance 500 model marketed as the Abarth 500.

In 2020 Fiat built an all-electric model named the Fiat New 500 that remains in production. The New 500 is unfortunately not sold in North America.

The modern Fiat 500 is a small three-door hatchback that was inspired by Fiat’s wildly successful 1957-67 versions of the 500 model. On the inside, the 500 has front-wheel drive, 0.9L to 1.4L turbo jet gas engines, and a 6-speed automatic transmission and 5-speed and 6-speed manual transmissions are available. In 2011 Fiat was awarded the Compasso d’Oro (golden compass) design award.

The Fiat 500 is a proven perennial favorite. The 500 has had six generations of development, and many variations, refining and expanding on the classic Fiat 500 of 1957-67. Car buyers point to the 500’s power train, trouble-free performance, up-to-date navigation system, and outstanding fuel economy. In the competition for buyers, and comparable to the 500, are the Mini Cooper, Smart ForTwo, and Chevy Spark.