Chevrolet Suburban Wiper Blade Sizes (1995-2023)

When you’re driving your Chevrolet Suburban, it can be easy to forget about your wiper blades. As soon as rain starts falling, though, you’ll quickly remember just how important they are. To ensure your wiper blades are ready when you need them, it’s vital to replace your wiper blades before they wear out.

To avoid a long shopping process, you can use the chart on this page to find good wiper blades that are made to fit your Suburban. Your new wiper blades will help protect your windshield and ensure that you can maintain good visibility when inclement weather strikes.

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Chevrolet Suburban Wiper Blade Size Chart

Note: The size guide below includes the Suburban, Suburban 1500, Suburban 2500, and Suburban 3500 HD.

2023SUV22"22"13"Bosch ICON
2022SUV22"22"13"Bosch ICON
2021SUV22"22"13"Bosch ICON
2020SUV22"22"13"Bosch ICON
2019SUV22"22"13"Bosch ICON
2018SUV22"22"13"Bosch ICON
2017SUV22"22"13"Bosch ICON
2016SUV22"22"13"Bosch ICON
2015SUV22"22"13"Bosch ICON
2014SUV22"22"12"Bosch ICON
2013SUV22"22"12"Bosch ICON
2012SUV22"22"12"Bosch ICON
2011SUV22"22"12"Bosch ICON
2010SUV22"22"12"Bosch ICON
2009SUV22"22"12"Bosch ICON
2008SUV22"22"12"Bosch ICON
2007SUV22"22"12"Bosch ICON
2006SUV22"22"16"Bosch ICON
2005SUV22"22"16"Bosch ICON
2004SUV22"22"16"Bosch ICON
2003SUV22"22"16"Bosch ICON
2002SUV22"22"16"Bosch ICON
2001SUV22"22"16"Bosch ICON
2000SUV22"22"16"Bosch ICON
1999SUV18"18"13"Bosch ICON
1998SUV18"18"13"Bosch ICON
1997SUV18"18"13"Bosch ICON
1996SUV18"18"13"Bosch ICON
1995SUV18"18"13"Bosch ICON

About the Chevrolet Suburban

When it comes to vehicle models that have withstood the test of time, the Chevrolet Suburban sits near the top of the list. First introduced in 1934, the Suburban, other than for a brief break for World War II, has been continuously produced by General Motors ever since. Now in its 11th generation, the Chevrolet Suburban is a tough, powerful, and reliable full-size SUV that is popular in many countries around the world.

The latest Chevrolet Suburban is able to tow up to 7,800 pounds and seat up to eight people. This exceptional ability to tow and haul is one reason why ranked the Suburban as the most-driven vehicle in America. With up to 420 horsepower under the hood, it’s hard to find a more capable sightseeing machine.

In terms of competition, the Suburban goes up against the GMC Yukon, Ford Expedition, Toyota Sequoia, and Jeep Wagoneer. Compared to these other vehicles, the Suburban has more legroom in the second and third rows. It also has higher-end finishes that make traveling long distances more comfortable. Plus, ranked the Suburban as one of the most long-lasting vehicles, making the Suburban a great long-term investment.

Technology is at the heart of what makes the Suburban a desirable vehicle. Up to nine cameras on the Suburban help to ensure that you don’t hit anything while you’re driving, thus making its large size much more manageable. Another tech-related safety feature is the available head-up display that allows you to see vital vehicle information without taking your eyes off the road.

If you’re in the market for a large SUV that is supported by decades of innovation, look no further than the Chevrolet Suburban.

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