Does AutoZone Install Windshield Wipers?

AutoZone is a large franchise that offers great products and services to its customers. With over 6,000 locations across the United States, there’s sure to be one close by. But is windshield wiper installation one of the convenient services they offer?

AutoZone would install your windshield wiper blades for you if you purchased them at one of their stores. They do not charge customers for this convenient service.

However, if you bought the wipers at a different store, they would not assist with installation.

This handy, free service is excellent for those of us who are not technically minded or inclined to fiddle with windshield wiper blades. Additionally, completing the job should take a little time, so you’ll be on your way in no time.

Will AutoZone Install Wiper Blades For You?

AutoZone offers its customers the convenient service of replacing their car’s windshield wiper blades. The job itself is easy enough for most people to do, but one of their helpful staff members will gladly assist you if you ask.

This service is convenient if you are pressed for time, impatient, unable, or lack expertise regarding car maintenance. Additionally, it should not take long to complete.

AutoZone sells windshield wiper motors and metal windshield wiper arms, but unfortunately, they will not replace these units for customers. Replacing the whole windshield wiper unit requires more time and technical know-how.

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How Much Does AutoZone Charge to Install Windshield Wipers?

AutoZone windshield wipers

If you buy your windshield wiper blades from AutoZone and ask a staff member to install them for you, they will do so for free. It’s one of the convenient perks they offer to their paying customers.

However, despite being a free service, some suggest tipping the person who installed your wipers for you. Although tipping is not mandatory, the recipient appreciates the gesture. This is especially true if they have had to change the windshield wipers in the rain.

Tipping the person who helped you is a gesture of appreciation, especially when they have saved you time, money, and effort.

Will AutoZone Install Windshield Wipers I Bought Elsewhere?

Unfortunately, AutoZone will not install wiper blades on your car if you purchased them elsewhere. They offer the free installation service as a perk only for customers who bought from their branch.

What Other Services Does AutoZone Offer For Free?

Besides changing your windshield wipers at no charge, AutoZone offers other free services. These include:

  • Battery testing
  • Battery charging
  • Free Fix Finder (which checks for diagnostic trouble codes when your Check Engine light turns on)
  • Alternator testing
  • Starter testing
  • Refill windshield washer fluid (when purchased there)

AutoZone even offers a service where you can borrow specialty tools for free, and they give you credit for recycling used engine oil. For more information on their free services, click here.

Note that the services an AutoZone store provides may vary by location so it’s best to call before heading there.

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Changing Your Wiper Blades On Your Own

replace wiper blades

On their website, AutoZone has a lot of tips and “How To” content in their DIY section. However, for those who wish to change their wiper blades themselves, the step-by-step instructions are as follows:

Step 1: Lift the Metal Wiper Arm Away From the Windshield

Before changing the windshield wiper blade, lift the wiper arm away from the windshield. When replacing the wiper blades, the spring-loaded wiper arm should be upright and perpendicular to the windshield.

Be careful not to let it snap back and hit the windshield, as it could cause the glass to crack. To avoid this, you can put an old towel or cloth on the windscreen directly where the arm would land if it were to snap back.

Step 2: Detach the Existing Wiper Blade

Next, you need to detach the old wiper blade. A small plastic stopper is along the seam where the rubber wiper blade meets the metal wiper arm. This little stopper holds the rubber blade in place. Press and unhook the stopper to detach the rubber wiper blade from the metal arm.

AutoZone recommends you do only one wiper replacement at a time so you can use the other for reference purposes.

Step 3: Install the New Wiper Blade

Once the old wiper blade is removed, you can slide the new rubber wiper blade onto the metal arm. It will need to slide on where the old rubber wiper came off. Pivot the new wiper carefully until the hook takes and secures it. Gently return the wiper blade to the windshield.

It’s a good idea to use a towel or cloth to cover the slotted vents between the hood and windshield when you replace your windshield wipers. If a clip or fitting should fall, at least it will be on the towel and not lost in your engine or in a vent.

Step 4: Repeat the Process With the Other Wiper

When changing your second or third wiper, you must follow steps one to three, as mentioned above. The process is the same for each wiper, even if it is on the back windshield.

For those who prefer a video tutorial on changing your wiper blades, AutoZone has one of those, too. You can watch the tutorial below:

How Often Should I Change My Windshield Wipers?

You should replace your windshield wipers every six to twelve months. However, depending on the conditions in which you drive, you may need to replace your wiper blades sooner. Conditions that can cause your wiper blades to deteriorate include severe dust and dirt, age, salt, and intense sunlight and heat.

It is better to replace your wipers before they become too brittle or cracked. It could put you in a dangerous situation if you’re driving in bad conditions otherwise. Therefore, you shouldn’t wait for them to become a problem – instead, be proactive and check your wipers on a day you do not need them.


AutoZone will install your new windshield wiper blades for free if you buy them from the store. However, they will not install wiper blades or parts bought from other stores. If you use their free service, it would be a nice gesture to tip the staff member who changed the blades for you.